Luxury Boarding

Where do you leave your dog when you travel?  Do you worry your dog is not getting the proper care?  Is your dog social enough for a play group or do they spend all their time in isolation because they don’t get along well with others?  Do you have a nervous dog that gets easily overwhelmed by the sounds and energy of the 50-100 other dogs at your boarding facility?  Pet sitters are great for cats but dogs can become incredibly anxious when left behind in an empty house.

Pack Life K-9 Behavior Solutions is now offering luxury boarding with Todd in his private home kennel.  The intimate setting is designed around a calm, quiet, natural environment that promotes balance and harmony by nurturing your dogs instinctive needs of play, affection, socialization and structure.  

Todd’s clean, beautifully designed kennel room houses no more than 6 dogs in order to promote peace and prevent the overwhelming effects a large kennel can have on a dog.  Dogs are very sensitive to the noise and energy of today’s traditional kennels which regularly house up to 100 or more dogs at any given time.  

Soft music, large custom built kennel rooms, treadmills, a private playroom and a fully fenced yard full of pine trees are all used to promote structure, exercise, play and socialization for the dogs.    

Call today to book as space fills up quickly due to the limited availability and excellent, quality care.


$60/night for one dog

$40/night for each additional dog

We have used Todd Langston to board our 2 labradoodles for several years now. The boys love to go to spend time with them and they get so excited when they know where they are heading. We love that Bentley and Enzo are welcomed into a family home and spend time mixing with the pack. Todd always sends us pictures and videos of the dogs enjoying their vacation and this is very much appreciated especially as our summer vacation every year is overseas for several months.

We can’t thank him enough for giving us the peace of mind that we can can travel knowing the boys are safe, so well loved and that they are having an amazing time too while we travel.
— The Poulter Family