I wanted to take the time to tell you how much we appreciated everything you helped us with this weekend! We have already been able to notice a big difference in Charlie and Toby. Toby has not been aggressive to one car since you were here. We just don’t know how to thank you. I finally feel like we have a life line and the tools to properly correct these behaviors.
— Susan Cox

Private In-Home Training Consultations             

House training to red zone aggression; puppies to pit bulls; one dog or ten dogs. Our easy to follow method can help no matter the situation. If you have tried training and are still having issues, a consultation with us may be your answer.

Todd Langston is a highly experienced dog behaviorist and trainer with years of helping clients change unruly dogs into happy, balanced family companions.  No behavior is too severe and no issue is too small for us to transform.  We understand that no two clients or dogs are the same but since Todd has performed over 3,000 consultations he has the knowledge and experience to help any training need you have.

Our gentle, confident approach doesn’t rely on force or treats as it’s based in a dog’s instinctual understanding of leadership.  As a pack animal your dog is always aware of one thing - who is in charge - and your dog determines this through many small things that are easily missed by most owners and even many trainers.  The majority of issues Todd encounters are nothing more than dogs who have taken the leadership position because of simple misunderstandings with their humans combined with a lack of mental and physical fulfillment.  Once these misunderstandings are cleared up and your dog gets the stimulation they need, things can change almost instantly.

Our simple, easy to follow method focuses on fulfilling the body and mind of the dog, combined with teaching you how to be a balanced leader.  Dogs look to us for guidance and leadership so how we communicate those skills will determine how well they trust, respect and therefore “listen” to us.  One visit is often all it takes to transform your dog(s) into happy, balanced, well behaved members of your family.

Have 2 dogs not getting along?

This method works great in homes having issues between two or more dogs because its based in your dog’s natural, instinctual understanding of pack dynamic.

Call today so we can get you on our schedule. Your dog’s happiness is just a phone call away!

Frequently Asked Questions


How long do the consultations last?

The first visit lasts just over 2 hours.  Follow up visits last about 75 minutes.

How many appointments will I need?

Most clients solve their issues in 1-2 visits.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No.  Appointments are done on an as needed basis.

Do you travel for appointments?

Yes.  I will travel up to 100 miles each way to help you.  A travel fee will be added based on time and mileage.

Do you work with puppies?

Yes.  The earlier the better.  Dogs are programmed to understand rules so you need to set them early.  The first 2 weeks in your home can teach a puppy what to expect for the next 15 years so its important to have a plan.

My dog is aggressive to people and/or other dogs. Can you help?

Yes.  Dogs become aggressive for many reasons and I will help you understand why your dog feels the need to bite or protect.  From there I help you create a strategy to help your dog become a more social member of your family.

My dog acts fearful and very nervous. Can this be helped?

Absolutely.  Dogs are wired to move forward but easily get "stuck" in our human world.  My strategy works with your dogs natural instincts to raise their confidence and self-esteem - no matter how traumatic their past. 

My 2 dogs are fighting.  Can you help?

Yes.  I have a very simple and effective formula for helping dogs who live together but don't always get along.    

Can you teach my dog how to behave on a leash?

Yes.  Dogs who pull are in charge, so teaching your dog to walk next to you on a loose leash is a must.  I can also teach your dog how to run, swim, surf, and skate so you can help them burn mental and physical energy.

Can you help our dog be good with our kids?

Yes.  I have a young child that my pack respects a great deal.  Your dog must understand certain rules and boundaries for a safe, healthy relationship with kids.