Canine Behavior Rehabilitation Programs

re·ha·bil·i·tate:  restore to former capacity

The brown dog on the left came to me highly dog aggressive and now...

I just have to tell you, for what it’s worth, what a tremendous difference you have made in Mr. Taxi. My first introduction to Taxi was his cowering under my desk in the front office, flinching away from me, (until I gave him french fries, of course) and the dog I saw Monday night was not even one and the same. As silly as this sounds I saw in Taxi that you have taught him he is a somebody; that he does not need to hide under and away from things - he deserves a life and a good life at that. You have given him an identity, you have given him confidence and you have given him stability. I cannot thank you enough for allowing him to learn that he is special. He knows that now - portrays that - and that just touches my heart in a way I cannot fully express in words.
— Janet Malloy

There are times when a dog's behavior seems beyond repair, or is simply too intense to help in his current environment. Intense fear or aggression can be challenging issues to deal with and you may have been told euthanasia is your only option. I think differently.

Dogs at this level need a strict regiment of exercise, discipline and structure to reprogram their old ways. The structure offered here with me and my dogs helps create a sense of balance through mental and physical fulfillment. My rules never allow for aggression, nervousness or over excitement and the constant reinforcement of these rules helps teach your dog how to make better decisions with a calm mind.

This is not a boot camp and I am not returning a perfect dog - I am returning a BALANCED dog who has learned a better way to live in our world. The reason boot camps have limited success is they focus on obedience and not balance. The real secret to a happy, well behaved dog is using the rules of the pack to provide balance with 4 simple, basic commands for clarity.

Programs include extensive follow up in your home - and sessions here with me and my dogs. For the rehab process to be effective your dog must come home to exercise, proper communication and structure. If things in his environment don't change then he can quickly fall back into his old ways. If you are looking for a quick fix you are looking in the wrong place as behavior change takes time and patience.

Unlimited follow up is available when you come to me to ensure you understand how to apply the new rules.

Space for rehabilitations is very limited. For the benefit and safety of your dog I only take one dog per rehabilitation period so call and sign up today. Balance is only a phone call away.


2-week program


3-week program


4-week program