Behavioral Board & Train Programs

re·ha·bil·i·tate:  restore to former capacity

The brown dog on the left came to me highly dog aggressive and now...

Behavioral Board and Train

Have you ever dreamed of walking your dog off leash?  Will your dogs come when you call them...every time?  Think of how helpful it would be if your dog layed down when you asked, and stayed put until you released them?  How nice would it be to stop jumping, nipping, aggression, barking and other nuisance behaviors in their tracks?  Dog charging the front door? Not any more.

Owners who are fortuante enough to enroll their dogs in Pack Life's Behavioral Board & Train programs are amazed at the dog's transformation.  

How does it work and why are the results so amazing?

The secret to a happy, well behaved dog and the foundation of the program is based in developing a relationship of trust and respect with the dogs.  To do this we need to properly communicate what is expected - and we do this by introducing the rules, boundaries & limitatons we expect of them.    

We never allow for aggression or over excitement and we don't nurture fears or insecurities.  We constantly stimulate the mind and the body, and the consistent reinforcement of these rules combined with 5-6 training sessions per day to help the dog understand 6 basic commands is why the change can be so incredible.     

Todd has been rehabilitating severe behavior cases for years and understands dog psychology in a way that blows most people away.  When you combine that understading with a tool as easy and effective as the remote training collar the behavioral change becomes amazing.


What Is a Remote Training Collar?

There is no quick fix when changing behaviors or training obedience, but there is a tool that makes it much easier for the owner and dog to communicate with one another.  A remote training collar allows humans to clearly communicate with their dogs up close or from a distance with incredible reliablity and confidence.

The tool is not used as means of correction or "shock" but as a means to communicate in a language that is more clear for the dog.  The "soft touch" method uses the remote trainer at very low levels to help the dog understand the meaning of the basic commands we use. 

When introduced properly the collar teaches a dog the crystal clear meaning behind the most helpful commands in training and behavior.  Down, place, come, ignore, wait and heel are the only commands needed to transform an out of control, unruly, reactive dog into a happy, relaxed, well behaved member of the family.  

The commands themselves are not where the change comes from.  Its how they are used.  When Todd practices a down command for example, he is not only getting the dog to lay down - he is waiting for the dog to relax.  This connects laying down with becoming calm which is the basis for creating a balanced, well behaved dog.  Read why calmly waiting is important.  

Getting a dog to calmly lay down is also an important part of gaining respect from them, which is a fundamental aspect of leadership. Plus, wouldn't it be nice to take your dog to lunch and have them calmly lay down next to your table while you enjoy your meal?

The remote trainer is also a great way to help dogs who are unruly on the leash.  Its the easiest way to stop pulling, lunging, jumping and reacting behaviors on your walk and having a relaxed walk with your dog is the strongest way to create and reinforce the relationship of leadership.  

Once dogs follow the rules we take them out into the world to practice their new way of being.  Trips to Home Depot, farmers markets and strip malls are part of the process and it teaches the dogs to be calm and relaxed everywhere we go.  

The Details

3 and 5 week training programs are available for those looking to improve the relationship with their dogs.  I request that owners attend short 30 minute training sessions once a week while your dog is here so you are clear on what to do once the dog is home. 

The only way a dog is really going to improve and for the change to stick, is if the owners change their ways and they PRACTICE on a daily basis for about 10-15 minutes after the dog returns home.    

3-week program $3500

5-week program  $5000

Both programs include a Dogtra 280c Remote Training Collar

Free Follow-Up

You and your dog receive free follow-up for 1 year after the program.  30 min sessions are available here at my place, twice a month for 1 year to help you understand how to apply the new rules.


Space for Behavioral Board & Train programs is very limited so call and sign up today. Balance is only a phone call away.