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Pack Life offers private in-home consultations designed to help you fix ANY of your dog's unwanted behaviors. From house training to red zone aggression - puppies to pit bulls, one dog or ten dogs, Todd can help no matter the situation.

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Pack Life K-9 Behavior Solutions is now offering luxury boarding with Todd in his private home kennel.  The intimate setting is designed around a calm, quiet, natural environment that promotes balance and harmony by nurturing your dogs instinctive needs of play, affection, socialization and structure.  

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Behavioral Board & Train Programs

Have you ever dreamed of walking your dog off leash?  Will your dogs come when you call them...every time?  Think of how helpful it would be if your dog layed down when you asked, and stayed put until you released them?  How nice would it be to stop jumping, nipping, aggression, barking and other  nuisance behaviors in their tracks?  Dog charging the front door?  Not any more.

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Group Classes

Todd Langston and Pack Life K-9 Behavior Solutions are now offering group lessons.  The five week program is designed for every dog owner looking to help their dog become the happiest most balanced dog on the block

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