Private Training Consultations

House training to red zone aggression; puppies to pit bulls; one dog or ten dogs. We can help no matter the situation. If you have tried training and are still having issues, a consultation with us may be your answer.

The majority of issues we encounter are nothing more than dogs who have taken the leadership position because of simple misunderstandings with their humans, combined with a lack of mental and physical fulfillment.  Once these misunderstandings are cleared up and your dog gets the stimulation they need, things can change almost instantly.

Our simple, easy to follow approach can address all the issues you are having and it only focuses on 3 basic things:

First, we will show you how to communicate in your dogs natural language…and its not words. When you observe dogs around each other you will notice that they don’t use sounds to directly communicate with one another. They use feelings, actions and body language cues - not words or sounds. Its quite amazing how fast things can change and improve once the human learns some “doggie language” skills.

Next we will teach you how to establish and enforce the rules, boundaries & limits. Establishing rules and boundaries help dogs feel safe, secure and loved which is key to their happiness. Not jumping on guests is an example of a rule. Not running out the front door is an example of a boundary and learning not to get too excited greeting new dogs or people is a limit.

And third, we will show you ways to mentally and physically exercise your dog. Someone who tracks street dogs recently told us they regularly track dogs travelling 5+ miles per day looking for food, water and shelter. Its easy to forget that our dogs are really animals who can live without us. That primal energy has to come out and for many people this is the primary reason for any issues they are having. I will show you how you to walk, run, swim, treadmill and even surf with your dog. Getting rid of physical energy combined with teaching your dog how to calmly wait for things is a balance that leads to happy dogs and happy owners.

what you can expect from a private training appointment

Have two or more dogs not getting along?

Our approach works great for homes having issues between two or more dogs. When homes with multiple dogs have aggression issues you must understand pack dynamic to change the behavior. Traditional obedience training is not effective with this issue but our approach works extremely well because its based in your dog’s natural, instinctual understanding of social behavior.

After the visit we will email you notes with links and attachments to help you stay focused on your goals. Once you join our pack you will receive montly newsletters to help you with everything from good food choices to grooming tips.

One visit is often all it takes to transform your dog(s) from unruly pups into happy, balanced, well behaved members of your family. For those needing more help we offer group classes, lesson packages, and we can even do an in-home rehab ranging from 3-6 weeks.


2 hr private training in your home - $300

90 min Follow up appointments in your home - $200

2 hr private training at my home kennel - $250

90 min follow up at my home kennel - $150

We saw you March 31 and I’d like you to know I saw improvements the first week. The house is now quiet when noise happens (no unnecessary barking!!) We had some visitors and they were very, very good dogs!...I’d like to thank you for giving me the tools and encouragement to improve the behavior of my dogs.
— Kristen Lopez

Please call 407-913-2750 and Jennifer can answer any questions you may have and get you on our schedule.

Mastering the walk is one of the most important parts of having a happy, well behaved dog.

Mastering the walk is one of the most important parts of having a happy, well behaved dog.

I wanted to take the time to tell you how much we appreciated everything you helped us with this weekend! We have already been able to notice a big difference in Charlie and Toby. Toby has not been aggressive to one car since you were here. We just don’t know how to thank you. I finally feel like we have a life line and the tools to properly correct these behaviors.
— Susan Cox