Kids & Dogs


  • Remember that not every dog is friendly
  • Follow the no touch, no talk, no eye contact rules when meting a new dog
  • Ask the owners permission before petting a dog
  • Meet a new dog calmly
  • Let the new dog come to them and smell them before petting
  • Stay away from and ignore stray or off leash dogs
  • Stand still like a tree if a dog is barking or growling at them
  • Drop and cover their head & face if they get knocked to the ground
  • Treat dogs with respect
  • Practice walking a dog the right way
  • Think its cool to be a responsible dog owner



  • Make loud noises around dogs
  • Bother a dog that is eating
  • Wake a dog that is sleeping
  • Tease a dog
  • Reach through a fence or car window to pet or touch a dog
  • Take a toy or bone from a dog
  • Get in between two dogs
  • Put their face close to the face of a dog
  • Pull on a dog's ears or tail
  • Bother a mother with her puppies
  • Enter a yard with a dog without permission