Melissa Barnett

This is huge and I just had to share this with you.  Maybe it will help one of your clients who just isn't convinced what balance and fulfillment does for a dog and how quick it can take hold.  Remember Cutter, the nervous red merle that I said was afraid of thunder, guns & fire works?  Last night we had some pretty incredible storms and I found out what twenty four hours of balance and me taking charge in my packs life really means.
Jack and I were in the hot tub when a storm was starting to approach.  We saw Cutter just laying on the screened porch floor not far from us and to our amazement he wasn't shaking.  I thought, "well he is tired and since it is not that close yet he isn't worked up".  The storm did arrive and ended up getting louder but he still never shook.  During the night I awoke to a horrendous storm.  I looked around and saw Cutter laying in the dog bed next to my side of the bed.  He was fine!  Firstly, he hasn't laid in a dog bed EVER or been near the pack at night! (He is the loner and likes his space)  But, then for him to not be up trying to get in our bed or pacing/shaking, etc. it was unreal!
I am so amazed and it was one of those moments when you feel all warm inside and that you can actually feel now that balance is within reach and the power of it!  Anyway, I just had to share this with you.  I know if he could, Cutter would say thank you too!  He already has thanked me by what I witnessed last night!

Lisa I

Thanks Todd. She's responding with a complete change in her demeanor. Sheʼs actually listening and 100 percent more calm! That was the best money we've ever spent!

Kristin Lopez

We saw you March 31 and I’d like you to know I saw improvements the first week. The house is now quiet when noise happens (no unnecessary barking!!) We had some visitors and they were very, very good dogs!...I’d like to thank you for giving me the tools and encouragement to improve the behavior of my dogs.

Lori Burgi

We learned so much from you about the psychology of dogs and how to become the leader of our pack. It completely changed the relationship with our dogs, not to mention their behavior. We really appreciate your expertise and way of teaching.

Terra Carill

I just wanted to send you a quick update. Both Sonny and Daisy are doing amazing. We even had a dinner party the other night and we were told that our dogs were so good. I couldn't believe someone said that about our dogs. I just wanted to say that you really helped us and now I feel like I will be able to handle the dogs when the baby comes. Thanks again!

Lindsay Warden

I couldn't believe he obediently waited...this was a huge indication to me about how far we have come from when I first called you a couple of months ago. You're a godsend!!!

Doggietown USA

DOG DAYCARE located in Huntington Beach, CA 

I own a dog daycare/cage-free boarding facility where we have anywhere from 50-80 cage-free dogs in on any given day. I had contacted trainers to come in before to work with my staff but I still didn't see the results that I wanted. These trainers had worked with single dogs or group classes and didn't really seem to understand the challenges that we encounter with a "pack" of dogs that keeps changing as dogs come in and out for daycare!
Todd Langston with Packlife was a name that came to me from different clients over a short period of the time. They all mentioned his calm ways and how he was able to fix challenges immediately. I contacted him and was very impressed with his background and professionalism. He came in and trained my staff on how to work with a pack of dogs effectively using calm assertiveness.
My daycare facility is completely different. The noise level used to be unbearable at times and now we can have 80 dogs here and not a peep. The dogs have a great time but play at a safe activity level which has lead to fewer incidents ending in aggression. My staff is happier and all of them were very eager to learn Todd's methods.
He's great at training dogs and people. This has been extremely beneficial to my business and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a solution to their dog challenges either personally or professionally.