Todd's goal is to teach you how to help your dog(s) through an easy to follow method based in gaining trust and building mutual respect. 

Todd has performed over 2,000 in-home consultations and helped improve the behavior of thousands of dogs and their owners over his ten year carreer.  He is a hand picked master trainer for Cesar Millan and he is regularly asked to help at shelters, dog daycares, boarding facilities and vet's offices.  He serves as a behavior consultant for rescues all over the state and has a degree in human psychology which helps him understand the most powerful influence on your dog's This unique blend of experiences has helped Todd create an easy to follow method recommended by Veterinarians, shelters, rescue groups, groomers, dog daycares and even other trainers.  If those you trust to care for your dog passionately believe Todd is the best trainer to help - shouldn’t you?  Call for a FREE phone consultation today.   

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“WOW what a different dog! A delivery was made the day after you were here and Buster was so quiet that Phil didn’t even know there was a package...Thanks for your time and I can’t say enough WOW! WOW! WOW!”
— Phile and Billie Daulk

“Todd Langston is the best dog trainer I have ever met and I have met a lot. He has helped several of our dogs and totally transformed their future lives. We are so grateful to him for accomplishing the seemingly impossible, and we will always reach out to him when we have a difficult behavior issue.”
— Linda Coletta, President of Houndhaven Dog Rescue

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”Thanks Todd. She’s responding with a complete change in her demeanor. Sheʼs actually listening and 100 percent more calm! That was the best money we’ve ever spent!”
— Lisa I