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Is your dog making you crazy?

Are you embarrassed to take your dog out in public?
Do you get pulled down the street on walks?
Is your dog afraid of his own shadow or hide with the slightest sound?
Do you wish you could change how your dog behaves towards dogs or people?

You can - and I can show you how. The reason most people struggle with their dog is based in a simple misunderstanding of what dogs need to live happily in our world. I find most people are well intentioned, but misinformed about what it takes to transform a dog's behavior. Becoming an “Alpha” may work if you have a wolf, but your dog's instinct is easily overwhelmed by the force most associate with this method. Being calm, patient and using balanced energy is what dogs have taught me and I want to share this with you.

My goal is to teach you how to become your dog's leader by gaining trust and building mutual respect. My methods don't use force or food as neither is needed when you truly understand the pack rules your dog is programmed to live by. Everyone has leadership in them and it's my job to find it in you. If you own more than one dog and you are having issues you must understand these rules to bring peace to the pack.

Pack Life offers in-home consultations, workshops, behavioral rehabilitations, and lectures for those interested in improving the behavior of their dog(s). Traditional training often overlooks the fundamental rules which can limit overall success. Let us share the fundamentals of the pack to help your dogs become happy, balanced, and well behaved.

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