Adopting Older Dogs

The truth is very few people in today’s society have the time for a dog. Even fewer people have the time needed for a puppy. There has to be an answer for dog lovers who want a dog but don’t have the time.  Older dogs.

Older dogs give you all the great dog stuff without all the hard dog work. Older dogs need less of everything and are full of the dog love we crave. They are less inclined to be dominant or controlling and once they know the rules of the house they usually fit right in.

You actually can teach an old dog new tricks and contrary to cultural beliefes old dogs can be easier to train than young dogs.

A perfect example of this was my best dog to date named Sabrina, a ten year old German Shepherd. Sabrina had a bit of a strong presence but I am assuming she ran her household based on her energy. Within a week she had settled right in to the rules of my house. She ended up going on my consultations like Cesar’s “Daddy” and her wisdom was a big part of my success. I could stand her in front of a dog that wanted to kill her and she could care less. Her presence alone was enough to calm most dogs.

As amazing as she was I fully believe she was a giant handfull when she was young. Age calms animals and as much as we think having a young, excited dog is fun - it’s also a great deal of work.

If you are considering a dog I strongly urge you to take a look at a group of dogs you may have overlooked. Help an older dog find a home and you have a friend for life who would prefer to give than take, sit than jump, shake than growl, lick than bite and sleep than cause trouble. Talk about more for less.

Sabrina, you were a blessing and you are truly missed.