• Pushy and Demanding Dogs

    If your dog is pushy and/or demands things from you and gets them - your dog most likely sees you as a follower and it can lead to behavior problems. 

    A small list of the things you may see if your dog is pushy & demanding:

  • Using Structure and Exercise to Change Behavior

    When you combine exercise with a strucutred routine you can even get the most difficult dogs to change their ways.

  • Teach Your Dog to be Calm

    Dogs are instinctual and don’t have a concept of time like we do so they only learn to wait if we ask them to.  From an early age puppies in the human world figure out that behaviors such as whining, begging, barking, demanding and excitement brings them what they want and this leads to issues in so many ways.

  • Door Greetings

    Dogs are wired to be protective and territorial of their space so its natural and normal for them to bark at someone coming in to your home.  Barking isn’t a problem as long as you set rules, boundaries and limits on how long they can bark and how excited they can be once someone enters.

  • Jumping


    Jumping happens for 2 reasons in my opinion.  Check out the tips to stop and prevent this unwanted behavior.

  • How to pick and introduce a new dog to your family

    Picking the right dog for you and your family can be a challenging task, but there are a few simple steps to follow that will greatly increase the chance of a perfect match.

  • How Powerful is Human Energy?

    Understanding the power of human energy and how it influences us, our dogs and everything around us.

  • House Training Tips

    Trouble house training your pup?  Check out the video for tips and suggestions on getting your pup to stop going in the house.

  • How to introduce two dogs so they get along

    Adding to your pack can be a wonderful experience for your current dog(s) but rushing things or taking in a dog that is not a good fit can lead to some serious problems.  

  • Kids Rules for Dogs

    Teaching young children the lessons of how to properly interact with dogs is an important part of keeping the relationship between our dogs and our kids happy, healthy and respectful. 

  • Separation Anxiety

    Separation anxiety is one of the most common unwanted behaviors dog owners complain about. If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety the reason(s) goes much deeper than them simply missing you when you leave.

  • Leash Tips

    Learning how to properly walk your dog on a leash is one of the single most powerful components of leadership.  Here are some tips to help.

  • Fear & Insecurity

    Once dogs become fearful you can see a wide array of behaviors such as aggression, flight, freezing, hiding or avoiding.  The wide range of symptoms combined with consistent human emotional patterns is why this energy can be so difficult to get a handle on. 

  • Pack Leader Tips

    Dogs lead or follow and once most people simply shift perspective from human to dog they solve their issues because dogs are easy and willing to please once you learn how to lead.

  • Human Aggression

    Aggression is easily the most misunderstood of all bad behaviors because of our natural fear around the primal side of our pets. Dogs can become aggressive for many reasons and depending on how you break it down their can be more than a dozen types of aggression.