Human Aggression

Aggression is easily the most misunderstood of all bad behaviors because of our natural fear around the primal side of our pets. Dogs can become aggressive for many reasons but rarely is the intent to do harm. Most of the bad fights and attacks are a direct result of a human trying to stop or breakup a normal ritual between overly excited dogs. Connect a dog to a tense or nervous human through a leash and the chances of an aggressive display increase ten fold.

A perfect example of human influenced aggression is little dog syndrome:

  1. Person gets high energy little dog like Chihuahua to hold and carry around.
  2. Dog never gets walked because they are small and they run around the house for exercise.
  3. This leads to frustration which is released as yappy barking or biting.
  4. The dog is usually picked up with nervous affection when they bark or bite which reinforces the bad behaviors and they happen again next time.

The red zone is when a dog has reached the level of aggression where there is a serious and prolonged intent to harm or kill that is directed towards humans, dogs or other animals. Excited, insecure, dominant dogs of any breed, mixed with a nervous human can be a recipe of behavioral disaster that leads to the red zone.

Red zone cases can be difficult to help because the human has to be willing to make changes in themselves. If you are someone who is willing to work on personal growth, I can help you with your dog’s aggression. Just because they bite does not mean its over and if you understand your role you can change the message you have been sending.

Let me break down and determine the true cause of your dog's aggressive behaviors. Once we know why she bites we can put a plan in place and start with the basics. There is a good chance your dog is simply misunderstood, and I truly feel all dogs have a chance regardless of what others may have told you.