Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is really common and almost every dog I board or rehab has separation anxiety on some level. The good news is they all get through it with a little help.

If you dog is suffering from separation anxiety the reason goes much deeper than them simply missing you and may be based on a breakdown of fundamentals. This is an unhealthy, unbalanced behavior that has symptoms ranging from mild whining to outright panic. The cause is usually a combination of things but leadership definitely plays a role. Instinct tells a pack leader to control the comings and goings of the pack. Separating the pack without the permission of a dog who believes they are in charge can set off a panic response. These are usually the most severe cases and dogs have even been known to jump through windows to reunite the pack. Extremes like these demonstrate how powerful instinct is in influencing your dog's behaviors.

There are many different ways to help with separation anxiety and no two dogs respond the same to any given method. Some dogs respond to positive reinforcement while others need corrections. You cab go out the front door and return 5 seconds later through the back or do something as simple as give them a bone when you leave. The dog just needs to know the pack always reunites and he can usually learn to settle down.

I will help you get through this by discovering the cause of your dog’s separation anxiety so we can find the best method to help her become peaceful and calm when you are away.